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Portacams - CCTV security specialists for construction

CCTV Trailer

Our new Mobile 3G CCTV Trailer.
Totally wireless with its own built in power and Internet connection.

The Portacam system is a fully integrated, 3G mobile remote video security solution, which has been designed to be totally transportable therefore allowing the system to be re-deployed and used on multiple sites.

The Portacams solid-state trailer system provides a platform for both transporting the system from site to site and in addition and when in deployed-mode provides a self–contained secure working platform to function as a fully integrated “RVM” (remote video monitored) security system. It uses the latest wireless technology and has been primarily designed to work in areas that do not have fixed wired communications or a permanent power source. It can be set up by an operator in under 30 minutes, and can be left for as long as is required. It gives peace of mind as it is extremely robust and therefore has protection against attack.

Features Include:

  • 3G Static IP Wireless Connection
  • Built in power unit
  • Intelligent Tracking Camera
  • Rapid deployment CCTV
  • Remotely Monitored
  • Trailer Based
  • Alarmed
  • GPS Tracking
  • 300m Infra-Red Lighting

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