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Camera Monitoring

24 hour Camera Monitoring

The CCTV Monitoring Station is linked to your remote camera site via the internet, when a sensor in triggered during monitored hours, a trained operator is alerted of the incident and can take full control the camera, if the incident requires further action he can inform the Police or local key holders, whilst still watching the crime unfold. This is one of the most cost-effective ways of guarding secured sites and works well along side a guarding company who have Key holding as a service.

Remote CCTV monitoring is all about using technology tools now readily available together with highly trained staff to ensure that your site is covered. It is about providing a service that is more cost effective than the traditional alternative, and by a long way more efficient. Traditional manned guarding sitting in the canteen has very little to commend it other than that it once was the only way….not any more. CCTV monitoring from Portacams paves the way to a more secure, professional and significantly less expensive solution than was ever available before. Now we can use Fixed IP 3G internet to get the CCTV system up and running faster.  

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