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Portacams - CCTV security specialists for construction

Construction Security

Monitored CCTV security for temporary Construction sites.

This is why we have developed The Portacams System for the construction industry, which when used as a stand alone system or with a standard Manned Guard Security Company can be quiet a powerful tool day or night.

A Manned Guard costs around £50,000 per year, but just who is watching your multi-million pound project?
Using Portacams System can and will improve your profit margin and monitored in a professional manner. One Client has saved over £5m in security costs over 10 years

Health and safety

The increased responsibility of main contractors for the health and safety of their staff and contractors has made many companies decide to use Mobile CCTV to monitor that the site activities are to the health and safety policy.

  • Lone worker - Remote monitoring of manned guards and sales staff, add to the comfort and piece of mind of both employer and employee. Panic Button or an automated alarm would allow the monitoring station to act swiftly in case of an incident or emergency. This service can be included in your risk assessment to keep yourself in line with current health and safety guidelines.
  • Hazardous areas – Building sites are giant playground for kids, during the day and night, the number of accidents on sites increases every years and the finger is always pointed at the Main Contractor for not doing enough to prevent this from happening. Using Remote CCTV will never stop kids on site but it does have the ability to give out a verbal warning and guide the manned guard to the area of danger, plus record the incident for local schools or police to review.


Security of the site is often the least important thing to a Main Contractor, until something is damaged or stolen. Most of the time letting an inexperienced manned guard, look after a multi-million pound project.

  • Manned Guards- without a doubt they do stop some petty thieving from happening, but with Portacams it works like a clocking in system, the remote monitoring station will log each time the guard goes on patrol and make sure you are getting value for money, plus if the manned guard runs in to trouble, he will be able to alert the monitoring station by means of a wireless panic button.
  • CCTV Systems- some sites have tried to replace guards with a CCTV system, but the down fall is the theft goes unnoticed until some realises that something is not right, then has to watch sixteen hours of tape. With Remote Alert the site is activated by the last person off site by a call to the monitoring station, the protected area is now secured using sensors and cameras through a broadband connection.

Site Shrinkage

Jobs always go over budget, and it doesn’t help with disgruntle employees or contractors helping their selves to the odd length of timber or a pallet of bricks, all chip away at the profit line, now times that by a few of your work force and there’s your profit.

  • Material theft- Portacams overcomes this with just the thought of someone watching them. The fear of losing their job is enough for the worker to head to B&Q to buy the required order.
  • Small Plant- Always going missing, and no one has every seen it, with Remote Alert the culprit is caught using the evidence from the 24 hour online system which when a sensor is triggered, sends a snapshot with the time and date to the secure website and is held for seven days.


Site meetings can be a costly affair, project manager going to site just to see the progress then traveling to the next site.
  • Remote Management- View all your sites from your own PC over the internet, Log into our Remote Alert secure website and click on the Construction Site of your choice, from Lands end to John of Groats and beyond. In fact anywhere you can get broadband or 3G internet connection
  • Shared View- You and the client can talk on the phone whilst you both view the site or problem in question.

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