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Portacams - CCTV security specialists for construction

About Us

About Us

Littlejohn Electrical specialize in providing network IP Camera monitored solutions, with our emphasis on delivering the highest quality image to customers. Fixed installation, semi permanent and temporary solutions can be provided using Portacams off the shelf products, we have been involved in Fixed IP 3G solutions at the dawn of the technology, which helps us when a problem arises. We understand that the right solution is vital and the people involved in Littlejohn Electrical make it their objective to work closely with our clients, ensuring we provide the highest quality solutions  

Very few CCTV Companies can claim to have been involved with securing construction site for over 15 years and as early adopters of this IP technology, means we will have a great knowledge base to draw on, when it comes to securing your business using remote surveillance cameras monitored in the UK.

Over these years we have produced different CCTV installation techniques which are now been used by other security companies due to them being so successful, we were one of the first companies to install network cabling to transmit outdoor CCTV images and motion sensors back to a Digital monitored DVR on Construction Sites. Today we do things very different with our new Trailer Mounted Remote Video Surveillance System which can be up and monitored within an hour.

We have been involved in small unusual projects which includes a wind and solar powered remote camera and a Portable 3G standalone camera system running on batteries.

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