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Our Quest for a Pure Battery Power CCTV system

June 10th, 2015

In the coming months we will be releasing our Axis Software which will allow companies like us to develop lower powered CCTV solution.

We found that if you can limit the equipment required then you can save on power. What we have created is a piece of software which is loaded directly into the Axis camera which will link to the wireless sensors. So whats so special about this is that it works on the IoT principles (Internet of Things) which allows two devices to pass data back and fore without a central PC/server controlling this process.

Our new CCTV Trailers will be made up of:-

Axis PTZ camera
Switchable Lighting
Audio Speaker
Masthead with up to 64 wireless sensor
4G Router

Drop me an email if your interested in finding out more



The Worlds First Thermal Streaming Webcam

January 9th, 2015

Working with thermal cameras and have decided to Stream it Live as a Demo unit
We don’t do cheap systems only ¬†systems that fits the Clients requirements.

Could this be the worlds first Live Streaming Thermal Webcam

Wind and Solar battery powered 3G CCTV

November 4th, 2013

Being well known as experts in Wind and Solar Battery powered 3G CCTV, we are being asked by Major companies how we handle the draw required by the CCTV equipment used for remotely monitoring sites.¬† With our new battery Technology we have found our system last 3x longer than standard solar systems………..Please contact us if your interested in getting us to help with your project wind and solar battery powered 3G CCTV System using our new micro CCTV power station linked into wind or solar