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Scottish Security Company can deliver a cost effective Temporary CCTV

Monday, February 1st, 2010

This Scottish Security Company can deliver a cost effective Temporary CCTV security system and improves construction or property management using wireless battery operated sensors with built in cameras.

Our rapid deployable security cameras can be installed after the order being placed with us, no waiting for Phone lines from B.T. or generators for power. After the installation of the sensor activated CCTV has been completed and the system is armed the cameras will take a 10 second video clip of the intruder and send it over the mobile phone network.The Police give a higher priority to crimes-in-progress from N.S.I. Gold Approved Monitoring Station and get apprehensions instead of false alarms.

In addition to providing video proof of intrusion,  provides construction site management with video clips of all personnel entering the premises out of hours. This means you know when the system is switched on and off and you know when a subcontractor has actually been on site before they pay their invoice.

Features of the Wireless Temporary CCTV Solution:

  • No mains power – 2 year battery life.
  • Totally wireless, no cables, broadband or power
  • Instant installation the entire system.
  • Easy de-install and transfer to other construction sites.
  • Can be moved and rearranged on site as needs change.
  • PIR motion sensor detects intruder.
  • 10 second video clip of intrusion sent over the mobile phone network to the Remote Video Response Centre.
  • Up to 2o camera sensors on a single system.
  • NSI Gold Approved Monitoring Station

Cost Effective:

Hire the CCTV System at a very low rate.