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Our Quest for a Pure Battery Power CCTV system

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

In the coming months we will be releasing our Axis Software which will allow companies like us to develop lower powered CCTV solution.

We found that if you can limit the equipment required then you can save on power. What we have created is a piece of software which is loaded directly into the Axis camera which will link to the wireless sensors. So whats so special about this is that it works on the IoT principles (Internet of Things) which allows two devices to pass data back and fore without a central PC/server controlling this process.

Our new CCTV Trailers will be made up of:-

Axis PTZ camera
Switchable Lighting
Audio Speaker
Masthead with up to 64 wireless sensor
4G Router

Drop me an email if your interested in finding out more



Scottish CCTV Company Launches an Innovation in securing Vacant Property

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Portacam’s has announced the rollout of its range of Rental Temporary CCTV Solutions to help secure vacant premises across Scotland, which have soared in number as a result of the economic downturn.

Portacam’s Vacant Property security delivers a cost effective means of securing vacant premises combining battery operated CCTV security and remote monitoring with key holding and response services. With a mobile fleet of  security vehicles and licensed security officers we can provide a rapid response to an emergency as well as remedial action.

Portacam’s offers an innovative wireless and battery powered electronic security solution encompassing a range of CCTV and intruder alarm systems. The solution allows for rapid deployment with no need for expensive installation or remedial works, minimising the time property is not protected. The equipment can be installed as a temporary solution and no power or phone lines are required meaning that all utilities can be shut down therefore saving costs.

If your interested in renting our Temporary CCTV solution in and around Scotland or require more details about CCTV installers around the UK who can provide this solution

Call Us on 01592 749337 or email


CCTV Trailer Rental

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Good news, one of our rental CCTV trailers has just came off a construction site,  after a refurb it will be available for hire at the end of the month at a reduced introduction rate for new customers, the unit can be hired for a day a month or even a year.

Example price for 3 months hire:-

CCTV Trailer unit £350 per week, Includes connection to monitoring station and Monitoring
Deployment and removal £300 (one of charge)
Delivery £2 per mile from our office (one of charge)
Total Cost £4500 plus delivery and VAT

Contact us now before it out again or call 01592 749337

 cctv trailer