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Construction Security using CCTV Trailer

October 13th, 2013

The benefits of using a CCTV trailer to secure your Construction site

We turn up and within the day its up, running and monitored that night, using the latest in DVR’s linked to wireless sensors we can cover a simple site and add additional PTZ camera poles as and when required.

Now we are working on our CCTV power station© its now on trial and should be rolling out very soon

New Meercam CCTV Analytics Security Camera System

October 7th, 2012

During our testing of the new Meercam CCTV Analytics Security Camera System there was an incident which the police caught two guys tampering with the the solar panels on a large solar farm. Using the new Meercam cameras along with the analytics software, we found that the number of CCTV cameras required have been reduce due to the long detection range using the on board CCTV analytics and our IR lights, this will be an stand alone system which requires No Power and No BT Line. The full system will be housed inside  a rapid deployable armoured housing and will change the way we secure remote areas which have a need for higher security.

If you are using the built in DVR motion detection and failing on the high number of alerts you are send to the monitoring station, we have the solution which can filter out insects, car lights, trees and bushes, small animals using a simple exclusion interface will cut out the false alarms you send the monitoring station, we are hoping by Christmas the New Meercam Analytics Detection system will be out of the LAB and be a product ready to rent or buy

The Rapid Deployable CCTV Trailer

May 19th, 2012

CCTV Trailer is the only true BS 8418 compliant Remote Monitored CCTV security system on the market as a rapid deployable unit. It has four portable CCTV columns on the standard CCTV Trailer unit but can carry an additional four columns when required. The standard CCTV Trailer is designed to cover sites of up to 120 metres square giving 360 deg coverage from its infra red PTZ CCTV cameras in complete darkness.

The CCTV unit has full audio, detection and recording and as said previously has integrated IR lighting on its cameras, sufficient to capture images in pitch darkness which result in identification of a person. We can have all the Trailers 4 CCTV cameras deployed to their maximum capacity within one working day but the CCTV Trailer does not have to deploy all of its portable security columns to function and be up and running with one PTZ Camera within 60 minutes.

It was built with the security of civil engineering & small to medium construction projects in mind but its uses have multiplied tenfold since its initial inception, being used on construction and demolition sites to empty warehouses, factories and builders yards. This is a self contained system with no requirement from the Client other than a site to secure we take care of the rest.
Give us a call or drop us an email for more details about the CCTV hire rates of  The Rapid Deployable CCTV Trailer

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