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Happy Christmas from this Fife based CCTV Company

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

The Fife based  CCTV Company Littlejohn Electrical is celebrating after another successful year of installing CCTV on construction sites in 2011 around Scotland. Their Meercam System has been used and helped increase this number of building and construction sites who have opted for our CCTV camera system and shown that this is a way of saving money over the project.

At the beginning of 2009 Littlejohn Electrical packaged the Meercam System into a rapid deployment service utilising the Battery operated System with a built in GPRS modem, thus ensuring that a temporary site could be secured immediately, without having to wait for a telephone line/broadband connection.

Littlejohn Electrical Hire Meercam to all types of construction companies, from small house builders to some of the UK National Companies. The temporary CCTV System which is available for immediate hire can protect building projects from less than £200 per week.

2012 is going to be an exciting year with a new PORTACAMS Comms Cabin system being worked on during the Holidays, this will be total wireless security using some new power source technology that has not been used to power CCTV Security, so we think it’s a first.

Charlie Littlejohn would like to thank all their customers for their continued business and hope they see the opportunity to save more money in next years projects using our cost saving services.



The MeerCam CCTV security monitoring system

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Construction and House Building companies around the UK are signing up for The MeerCam security monitoring system` which Portacam’s have recently launched – knocking thousands of £££’s from their current construction site security surveillance budgets.

Allowing construction and house building companies to reduce their construction security budgets in the current downturn of the economy Portacams’s innovative and very cost effective Meercam; construction wireless self powered security monitoring system` allows construction and house building companies to quickly deploy self powered wireless night vision security cameras overlooking construction and building site compounds and perimeter fence areas around their construction building sites.

Large construction sites – medium size building sites and even small house building sites. Allowing the Meercam wireless surveillance cameras to be monitored `out of working hours` by N.S.I. Gold Approved Alarm Monitoring Stations at the fraction of the cost of traditional static guarding companies or CCTV construction security monitoring companies.

20 Video Alarm cameras have recently been installed for a leading Scottish construction company in Central Scotland. Knocking their normal construction site security monitoring budget by over 65%. Saving them thousands of £££’s over the 30 week construction project.


Monitored CCTV Video Blending forget Political Coalition

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

CCTV Video Blending

Just finished an install which involved using our CCTV Cabin (PORTACAM) and the new wireless battery operated cameras (MEERCAMS), these cameras allow us to put the temporary monitored CCTV system in places which would usually be unreachable on a normal construction site due to the constraints of  positioning and distance.

We have placed the cameras around the build and inside where the valuable materials are stored ,  both the Portacam and meercam are monitored by the monitoring station and linked to the same software, this allows the monitoring station operator to control the PTZ camera on the Portacam to where the activation has occurred. This is known as CCTV Video Blending using video verification sensors and a top end Pelco PTZ.