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Wind and Solar battery powered 3G CCTV

Monday, November 4th, 2013

Being well known as experts in Wind and Solar Battery powered 3G CCTV, we are being asked by Major companies how we handle the draw required by the CCTV equipment used for remotely monitoring sites.  With our new battery Technology we have found our system last 3x longer than standard solar systems………..Please contact us if your interested in getting us to help with your project wind and solar battery powered 3G CCTV System using our new micro CCTV power station linked into wind or solar



Wind and Solar CCTV System

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

We had an enquiry last week from a Scottish Company about a Wind or Solar 3G CCTV system, something which we have done in the past with great success. The brief was,Wind or Solar powered, 3G internet connection, on site DVR for recording, security lighting, IP PTZ dome, audio challenge and PIR detectors alerting back to a Monitoring station.

The project which we did 4 years ago was 4 fixed IR cameras with PIR detectors alerting back to a powered cabin and out through the ADSL line back to a monitoring station using wind and solar CCTV to power the system, in Scotland we don’t get much sun so wind turbine had to be used, this project is a different beast altogether, but here at Portacams we like a challenge and are considered by some to be the experts when it comes to bespoke Remote CCTV solutions, hence the Solar 3G CCTV enquiry.

This will be something totally different which will change the way people think about securing Remote Areas, keep coming back to find out what we produce.

Do you have a bespoke security requirement using the latest CCTV technology but have no idea where to start, Portacams is the best way forward from the initial design through to completion, why not drop us an email and we will see if we can help.


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